Exhaust Fan

Product Description


Belt Drive – Centrifugal Up-Blast Fans. Belt Drive – High Pressure. Direct Drive – Centrifugal Up-Blast Fans.

  • Complete range of motors available to meet specific application needs
  • Heavy duty construction, durable and weather resistant
  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheels, blades and inlets fabricated from 3003-H14 aluminum
  • Wall mount applications; units up to 24” nominal wheel can be wall mounted
  • Forced fresh air through the motor compartment cools motor and ensures long motor life
  • Quick release latches allow for easy access to motor compartment
  • Variable pitch motor pulley allows for field adjustment and system balancing
  • High efficiency combined with low tip speeds result in quiet operation
  • Fully welded, leak-proof grease drain
  • Vibration isolation

Additional information


External disconnect switch
Gravity Damper (UL 705 only)
Motorized Damper (UL 705 only)
Wall Mount Sleeve
Bird Screen (UL 705 only)
Grease Collection Box
Roof Curb (vented & non vented)
Base Hinging Kit or Hinged Sub Base (for NFPA96 compliance)



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